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Success is falling 9 times and getting up 10. -Jon Bon Jovi
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I'm just a regular girl with problems like everyone else. I was born and raised in Jersey and I don't plan on ever leaving. Get to know me before you judge. (;

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Answered: Me or only sex??

u shouldnt go back wit him. if all he wants is sex and not u.... then theres a problem.

Answered: My boyfriend and i are sexually active. I am ...

u were ttly rite. if he cared, n i know this mite hurt, but if he cared n respected u, he wouldnt have watched it.

Answered: Scape goat woman

i ttly know how u feel. trust me. all my friends come to me with their problems. i got sick of it and said to them privatly.. listen. we all have problems. but went i have problems i dont go to u. i ...

Answered: Im seeking relationship help. .

i think u should stay loyal to your girlfriend. who knows. maybe ur ex doesnt like u anymore...