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Leftists drive ppl to grudges. What good is there in that? Elections here are over. Fix up what Obama ruined.
About stressed:


Sometimes I feel down.
That's when good music helps.
Play it loud.
Drive the blues away.


We mustn't question
Our "allies'" loyalty.
China is as loyal now
As Germany in 1936!

 If the party
Feels a little Dead
Bring it back to life!
Jerry Garcia would have said!



Sometimes atheists hassle me.
Have 2 wonder Y
Is it beause they R all
Addicted 2 stupid pills?



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Answered: How much total assests, in the bank, can I have ...

No limit 2 savings, investments. U must report interest on 1040. O-care will freeze UR accounts. Even if U have good health insurance.

Answered: IS Marc Faber Mindless

Marc Faber? Never met him. Tadpole? DEFINITELY mindless. Typical resentful leftists R so. No point trying 2 help them.

Answered: I have SSI disablity ...

Talk 2 lawyer. O-care ends all VA, SSA, Medicare A&B benefits, closes all HMO's. Leaves U w/ suicide or 4th rate care that is just as bad. Either way, be grateful for UR time on earth B/C it will end ...

Answered: I have been deeply troubled for quite some time

Catholics are not the only faith. Faith N God means U believe ALL sane things. Religion can B as bad as atheism. Go beyond religion 2 faith as I did.

Answered: Benifits

AA & NA R approved programs. SSA will fund Schick Shadel and Betty Ford clinics. VA has substance abuse programs (on hold due 2 gov't shutdown). Talk 2 them. No harm asking.

Answered: COLA's Payment

Talk 2 SSA. They have full particulars on benefits. May B hard 2 talk 2 them with gov't shutdown. Dems engineered that, thanx a heap.

Answered: Does Rocmike have the balls to call Matt ...

The Rock died yrs back. Leftists R estranged from reality. No matter, leftists don't count. 2 cowardly 2 enlist anyway.

Answered: What do you think about Joel Osteen's answer about ...

Don't ask, don't tell. Leftists R gays deny it as they must. Lying bigots & their dull minded games. Leftist libs R all that way.

Answered: Taking on the insanity of the political right ...

Tadpole = leftist lib. Not the brightest --- any of them. Games, lies, and provocation make them boring. Interesting ppl are right wingers!

Answered: Please tell me why everyone is so upset with ...

More like bored at them. Dems staged a nasty shutdown, blamed it on us. No 1 buys dems or their sniveling. Dems can either shape up or pack out.


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Fred Guenther says:
"The insight of a veteran is always more than welcome. Perhaps if our people in DC listened to veterans more, we'd fight fewer wars."
MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC says:
"There is that indomitable spirit of a soldier. No one can conquer the true fiery American spirit that keeps us all going."
MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC says:
"As one veteran to another, I see you accomplished your mission and did your job to the utmost of your ability. Well done, Soldier. We owe you!"
Morgan says:
"Stressed perhaps you are my most favorite of all. I can not begin to tell you how much I recieve your poems and how they touch my heart. I suppose I must say I love you and hope you understand what that means to someone like me. My enduring appreciation for your sacrifices and your entense love for humanity and your enduring understanding means you tip my scales. Thank you for being you. Respectfully, lovingly Cpt Mac/Lady Darko"
n says:
"Stressed. Have you seen all the anger being posted toward me? I am a peaceful Christian person and would like for this confrontational conversation to cease. Anything you can do to help me?"
Michael says:
"Hello my fiend stressed; Your comments are the best! Your word is straight and true; Your Posts pass the test."
~American~~Patriot~ says:
"Happy Saint Patty's day"
Rocmike3 says:
"Kindness is never amiss. I am always glad to see your cases for kindness and against cruelty. Know that taking such a radical stand could anger some people. One who did so was brutally executed, simply for showing what kindness is. His name is Jesus."
Morgan says:
"Ah tis a great comfort you give by showing understanding beyond that usually given. Thank you Stressed. Lady Darko E."
Defender of the Word says:
"JOHN MICHAELSON, livin' on a mountaintop in Oregon. Ex Marine Sniper, he's the ONE! Semper fidelis! "
~Jada~ says:
"Hi Stressed.. you are quite welcome. Thank you for making it home ; ) Music is one of the beautiful things in life that drives us on...keep driving those blues away and keep up the good fight. And now I would like to tell you personally... Welcome home. Best wishes in the coming year for you and yours from me and mine... ~Jada~ "
Shuddupandkissme says:
"I take that as a true compliment coming from you. You are reason personified...and I appreciate your wisdom and input. Thank YOU. Sincerely, Faye"
The Vindicator says:
"stressed: "Whatever the mind of man can CONCEIVE and BELIEVE, it can ACHIEVE." ~ Napolean Hill, Think and Grow Rich Keep the faith, MW"
n says:
"Stressed, Thank you for your kind words. I am glad to know you appreciate my posts. I enjoy reading your take on things too. Keep smiling and your stress level is bound to recede soon. lol...."
Shuddupandkissme says:
"Yup...mystical and magical. Thank you for sharing with me. Sincerely, Faye"
Dawg says:
"Party on.... =o)"
fmanifestoknight says:
"hey, stressed, great comments about the role of feminism (which I misunderstood at first, sorry about that)."