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Answered: Do you think that social networking sites and ...

As every other hype I think these buttons will slowly fade and will be replaced by some other fancy features. Email is really stable way of communication and I think it will last a long time.

Answered: What is a green hard drive? How is it different ...

And how exactly should we benefit from a smaller electrical bill? We spend more money so environment is happy? I always had problems digesting these concepts.

Answered: Do you believe in the official story that JKF was ...

Just look at the trajectory of the bullet; how many people it hit and how much damage it caused. Who believes in the official report has serious issues. It's not about conspiracy theories but about ...

Answered: Government Doubts?

But there are people, like me, that would like to know what government is doing, in detail. Hiding the truth is lying, no matter how hard you tried to sugarcoat it.

Answered: Why Spray the Sky?

If those jet trails were just water vapors, then why do they linger in the sky for hours? Can someone explain that to me please?!

Answered: Releasing Alumium in the Air?

No I haven't but it is disturbing that someone would go and release this in the air. Just the thought of it makes me sick!

Answered: Chemtrails and Air Pollution?

I know what chemtrails are and I'm not sure there are any official confirmations that there are bad chemicals in them. Although I don't follow the latest news about it.

Answered: After 10 years together my boyfriend breaks up ...

Certainly there must be a reason for it? Are there some events that could trigger this off in him? Men usually leave their wives for two reasons: for other women or because they want their freedom ...

Answered: Does your pet dread Fourth of July fireworks?

OMG, sometimes I even wonder why I bought him because he won't stop barking at it. He goes on for hours after it completely stops.

Answered: What number in math represents half million?

The number of useless questions you have asked here. :) That number is around 300.000 + a little bit more if you remain super committed.


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