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Answered: Do you enjoy going to Shakespeare's plays?

If I could see them, I would. I love reading Shakespeare.

Answered: Is this art or bad taste?

I love the colors and the materials. That's enough to win me over.

Answered: Cosmetics

At any pharmacy and you'll be getting makeup at a good price.

Answered: Why Make-up called Make-up?

Makeup is called make-up because they are so many choices and we make up new looks and we enjoy doing them as much as we love to show them off.

Answered: Which part of him/her comes into your sights when ...

The lips. This is may sound weird but, I've always the way lip look on a person. I love the outline. I'm not do anything about this because it changes myself. One less thing to judge and I like to ...

Answered: Wella Products

Wella is one of the best hair products that any online seller would be proud to sell it. This is good for any type of hair since each product is designed to add balance and do whatever it takes to ...

Asked: An AOL Answers Question

How do you pick question that appeal to you? How do you know if it is a good question?

Asked: New to AOL Answers

How do I get the best out of my AOL Answers experience?

Answered: Looking forward to the royal wedding?

I'm so excited to see the wedding on TV. It will be so awesome if CNN covered it. I think it would be great if everyone covered the story, but, It sure will get boring. Then, I would get excited again ...


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