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Guard, protect and cherish your land, for there is no afterlife for a place that started out as Heaven. Charles M. Russell, Montana, 1929.
About Bill Compton:

Retired professor of physics and physical chemistry.  Feynman Committee Chairman 1991-2011.

I did not support WWII as it was a waste of human life but I understood why we had to fight it.  I supported those who went.

I did not support the madness in Korea, but I understood why that war was necessary.  I supported those who went.

I did not support the Vietnam War, but I understood why it was necessary.  I supported those who went.

I did not support the Persian Gulf War, but I understood why it was necessary, and I supported those who went.

All wars are evil.  Those who fight them are its ultimate victims.

The only president who went out of his way to deliberately insult the memory of all who ever fought was a traitor named Clinton.  I do not support hypocrisy and cowardice but Democrats support nothing else.

Therefore I cannot support the dishonorable Democrats.  No one with any sense of decency could.

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Commented: About edicous's answer

Atheism is the only remaining degree program in ignorance.

Commented: About edicous's answer

Edicous continues with his other ridiculous screen name Andrew trying to appear uneducated. In his case it is not pretense, knowing that atheists really are uneducated.

Commented: About Brian's answer

Andrew, the fact that you play atheist games means that you lose.

Commented: About Brian's answer

Jim, face it, the atheist cult is one bent on absolute supremacy through lies, intimidation, propaganda, and hate. Atheists have no ability among them other than the above, which is good and proper ...

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More of dfrogpong's childish leftist temper tantrums. Bitterness and hatemongering might be the only skills of leftist liberals but that only proves that you people are truly neurotic ...

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Defrogpond, how long have you suffered your delusions about the late Rocmike3? He died over a year ago. I realize that he turned down one of your unseemly prostitute come-ons and you have been ...

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Bonestructure, I seldom agree with you, mainly because of your use of irrational pseudonyms. However under this one you are somewhat calmer. Sikhism is not a warrior cult as is Islam, Hindu Thuggee ...

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The stripe on the back of your credit cards is made of mylar tape and ferrite powder. It requires a powerful magnetic pulse to re-orient the individual ferrite particles. The pulse must also be ...

Commented: About pete's answer

One would be hard pressed to mock Obama, past the sheer mockery and sham of his supporters. There is nothing amusing or light hearted of his purposeful betrayal of America, nor the hatred he and his ...

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BHO claimed a Harvard JD degree, graduated magna cum laude. He also claimed to be a member of Phi Beta Kappa fraternity. Neither have any record that he was accepted at Harvard. Obama has two years ...



Tweekey says:
"there is love and wisdom in your words and i wish our politicians would listen to it"
Tweekey says:
"intellectuals do not usually excite me but there is goodness in what you say"
LadyE says:
"Thank you for not being afraid of saying what you believe in. So many people pleasers out there. "
LadyE says:
"Yes, much to do. But with people like you, we still have a chance."
LadyE says:
"From reading your answers, I see you are very smart. I believe I will learn from you. Thanks."
Kathy says:
"Thanks Bill. Those who don't learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them!"
Humble says:
"Thank you for standing up for what is right. That might make you unpopular with deranged people who support racism and like that, but you will always have friends who live and think rightly."
Paul Wittenberg Jr says:
"It is reassuring to see that rational men and women still seamlessly combine learning, faith, and wisdom in one highly appreciated package. I am not much into physics but I dearly appreciate your posts on chemistry."
Morgan says:
"Bill thank you for the vote of approval it does my heart good to know that intelligent people on Yedda like yourself accept my abrupt and sometimes angry words as a good thing. I just need to learn to spell. Your posts are eloquent and show a good mind. Thank God for people like you on Yedda keep it coming. Lady Darko"