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Answered: Breast feeding

No. The size of your breasts doesn't matter at all. I have very large breasts and still had supply problems and had to take reglan.

Answered: Obese Mother To Be

I have a six month old and am also obese. I changed doctors due to moving when I was 3 months pregnant. The first doctor said 20 lbs and the second said 30 lbs. I think what to expect when you're ...

Answered: Is it true that you are more likely to miscarry ...

I can't believe someone said that to you. How awful! Very, very, very few pregnancies miscarry. The odds are greatly stacked in favor of a normal healthy pregnancy. When I found out I was pregnant I ...

Answered: Yoga During Pregnancy?

Its very practical. You need to take a class or get a video that is specifically prenatal yoga or talk with the instructor of your regular yoga class about what modifications they suggest you make to ...

Answered: What food to have for baby shower?

Finger foods like finger sandwiches, chips and dip, cheese ball and crackers. A deli tray with meats and cheeses works well. A cake is pretty traditional as are a bowl of those little soft mints. And ...


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