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Asked: Why is my 13 y/o angry about my new baby?

I am pregnant with my second child. My son is 13. His father and I are divorced; it was a bad marriage and my son was rejected by his father. Since the divorce, his father fades in and out of his life ...

Answered: Lost my AOL Tribute to Michael Jackson Toolbar

Download it from here:

Answered: Car/truck conversion

Maybe you can contact this company if they have any info on trucks:

Answered: How do I get permission to use copyrighted ...

here you have the full guide:

Answered: Looking for aa meetings in sharon pa (western pa ...

Hi this is where you search for a meeting: and this is the list closer to your area: ...

Answered: Wedding girl

Curly hair can be a nightmare sometimes. Is the wedding outside? I have a friend that sufferes from it a lot whenever it gets humid a bit. If its inside I guess any hair style you choose would be ...

Answered: Where can I buy Freeze It Hairspray!

This is what I found:

Answered: Is there an easy way to line a prom dress iv made

Try here:


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