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Answered: How do i get rid of facebook notifications for ...

Go to your facebook account settings and change how you would like to be notified of every little thing from facebook.

Answered: Airport Security: Is Israel the Answer?

It is surprising that such a small country has developed a system like that. Amazing!

Answered: What Do You Like Most About Your Sweetheart?

I'd say how she yells at me when I'm not behaving properly. :) It brings a smile to my face every time. Her cute face too.

Answered: Where can I post the linke for a questionnaire ...

Facebook and Twitter. Ask all your friends to send link to their friends. Such viral link spreading will get you more people than you would ever be able to recruit personally.

Answered: How to make a face look dirty

Other than face paint have you thought about using real dirt? :) Now that would be realistic acting! :)

Answered: Eva Longoria Files For Divorce From Tony Parker

I don't like hearing about them either although I'm not surprised about the divorce since those Hollywood marriages last only a second. I guess this one should be given a medal for lasting 7 year ...

Answered: Give Socialism a chance

There are numerous examples of countries that crumbled under socialistic governments. Idea is not good if it doesn't offer practical benefits, at least in politics.

Answered: Did a sword kill jesus?

Well, the truth is somewhere in between. He did die, at least His human side when He was crucified. But after that He resurrected, so...He is alive.

Answered: Roger Federer Past His Prime

I don't believe so. Although he lost now at the Wimbledon I think he has a lot more to say. Maybe he reached his peak performance but I guess he can get more titles and set the World records even ...

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