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Answered: Is there a DVD ripper that will rip DVD audio to ...

If you also looking for ways to rip DVD to MP3, extract songs, music from DVD to MP3, then just follow the step by step guide below. PR ...

Answered: Ipod to itunes

Please try this tutorial about how to copy my music from both ipods to itunes

Answered: I have 2 computers, want to put all my songs on ...

why not try this method? this way shows how to move all the songs and videos in iTunes library in your computer to another new computer

Answered: Ipod

Dear ality,let me help you .first ,let me assume all the sons in your iPod were authorized to your friend's computer .as we known, apple only allow their users to sync music or other stuffs from PC to ...

Answered: I want to know how can i use ipad?

Click here you will know more about how to use iPad

Answered: Converting songs from media player to iTunes

sure you can do .just strip drm protection of the songs from windows media player.and then convert them to m4p format in order to play them on your new iPod .just try it !

Answered: How can i send tv shows from itune to my sonhe is ...

dear goodtofy,I 'am so glad to hear that you are so kind to send tv to your son in Iraq.I could give your some suggestions.there are two ways for your choose.the first way is to convert these tv shows ...

Answered: How to transfer songs from itunes to limewire

why not try this removal tool to unprotect drm songs from iTunes and then you could share these songs onto any other player or limewire.

Answered: How to transfer songs from itunes to limewire

dear sir,you need to use some removal tool to unprotect the songs from iTunes and then you could play these songs on any other portable player or upload them onto limewire and youtube...and so on

Answered: How to convert iTunes m4b audio book to mp3?

Okay, I've rewritten this, again. The top link on this page shows the method my brother uses. Convert iTunes M4B audio book to mp3

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