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Dubai Property industry is the most diverse real estate industry in the world. Dubai real estate is developing at a rapid pace in Middle East.
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Hi, I am Talha and I deal with Dubai Property. I have a considerable experience of dealing in dubai real estate and I keep myself updated with latest trends in this industry. Our Dubai property community is always ready to give valuable advice to people around the world about buying, selling, renting in Dubai Property.

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Answered: How long does it take to recieve 2011 tax refund?

Well, it usually doesn't take much time but I have heard that this year it is delayed (may be two months).

Answered: Who is responsible for an abandoned gas station?

It can be either be owner and if abandoned then a closest relative of the owner or otherwise local govt. of that city or country would be responsible for it.

Answered: Can you claim uneloyment if you are retired in ...

I think that you can, provided you have served for a legitimate period of time but you must take all info in complete detail as it could also possibly put negative effects on your other benefits.

Answered: If you smoke, you can't get hired?

Being a non-smoker is not the qualification for any job but attaining the required skills and talents.

Answered: Wasn't this no place for a woman?

I am of the view that though men and women are equal but it doesn't mean that women must also have active role in military and as it is clear from that incident that it's better that women may not ...

Answered: What are the good wedding anniversary gift for ...

Well, I can suggest you a place where you can choose from among a great number of choices at ...

Answered: 'I have the equivalents of those which the others ...

I have all those things with me as well which do you have with you.

Answered: Are real estate investments safe?

Truly speaking, investment in real estate is also not safe from risks like any other forms of investment but investing in real estate is relatively safer than other forms of investments. I suggest you ...

Answered: Real Estate Law

Tell me what is your problem and I will try my best to resolve it.

Answered: I am in a law suit against a real estate ...

You seem to be trapped in a bit complex situation. I suggest that you better take help from a real estate legal expert in you region in the light of local real estate laws and regulation in your area ...