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Answered: What is the average calories to lose 2 lbs a ...

Are you insane PGroot?! What are you trying to do to this person, kill him/her?! First of all, he can't be in a negative calorie balance because body will start to deteriorate. You need only 1000 ...

Answered: What Is Your Definition of Beauty?

Beauty is like most things in this world, a highly subjective category. I've always been inspired by woman's beauty and I know that many artists throughout the ages were too.

Answered: Why does my friend see nothing wrong with ...

Some people many not have the sensitivity of others and things that affect others won't affect them and they can't see them even if they are in front of their nose.

Answered: Do you own an Internet business? Do you think it ...

No I don't if you're talking about an online store that sells physical products. But I do own a few web sites that are making some money. Something is better than nothing, right?

Answered: Is Jesus the same as God ?

Jesus is both Man and God. He is a God that came down from Heaven and took human form. His being was both human and divine at the same time.

Answered: Is it true that if I take a protein supplement ...

No, absolutely not. Protein supplements are food. If you ask me, you're better off eating clean protein supplements than eating some fatty meats. You might even end up with some muscle or lost ...

Answered: Why do people break up and get back together ...

Well, I guess sometimes people argue without any apparent reason, at least a big and justified reason. For, example, my partner is often nervous because of the job and I get it. So, I play an ...

Answered: Wine with Chicken?

All in all, I think it is a matter of personal choice and preference. Although there are some culinary rules about this they aren't written in stone.

Answered: Image of God

The image of Jesus Christ is to some extent is known from the descriptions that we find in scriptures. But the image of His Father no man has seen.

Answered: Do You Wanna Know If People Have Recieved And ...

I have used this web site extensively for their service. I even used it for tracking some inexperienced spammers and reporting them to the police.

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