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Answered: I am 63 and retired. I have 2 grandchildren that ...

Pay a visit to some local insurance providers and ask around. But, in my opinion, the thing about insurance sellers is that they are there to sell you the most expensive insurance and not the one that ...

Answered: How can I get free computer security insurance?

I'm not sure who exactly would offer and provide free computer security insurance but good luck in finding a seller and let us know here if you do.

Answered: What food makes the body loses water?

Salt, or sodium more precisely, makes the body hold water, not lose it. One interesting fact: drinking a lot of water makes your body lose a lot of water - and this is a good thing because water ...

Answered: Walking to lose weight?

It all depends on how much you eat. If you eat a lot you would only gain weight, no matter how much you walk and vice versa.

Answered: Bananas for kidney problems?

The only thing I know is that bananas have a lot of potassium and I'm not sure what that has to do with helping kidneys. Maybe someone else can shed a light on this.

Answered: When did butter sculpturing start?

This is the first time I heard about this and it sounds very delicious. :D Really, does this "art" really exist and where can we go to appreciate it?

Answered: I'm thinking about buying a cat, or maybe ...

Some cats do need it but in general cats are persona's that don't require as much attention as dogs do so this maybe is a good decision in your situation.

Answered: What really shrinks bags under the eyes

Perhaps surgery? Just kidding but I really do not see what are the other ways to reduce those naturally formed bags under your eyes.

Answered: Awful Lady Gaga!

I'm not a huge fan of her as well. I hate the paradigm where you only have to be different to be interesting and therefore popular. This World has gone seriously astray in the last few decades.

Answered: What is RSS feed and RSS aggregator?

In a nutshell, RSS is a simple way web site administrators communicate with the audience of their site who subscribe to his RSS feeds. RSS aggregator is a software that generates RSS feeds from your ...

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