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Answered: Pelosi Takes Dig at Obama

Ashoofly, I have been noticing a lot of little things going on on Capital Hill. This spat is another example. I am wondering if really, the Democrats are really starting to maybe prepare ...

Answered: Happy veterans day !!

Nanadee, Impressive.

Answered: DNC: Sarah Palin is "Dangerous" ~ Lions and ...

Dawg, Anybody who is not Democrat and speaks against Barak and Company is considered dangerous by the Democrats. I guess anyone in Yedda land who opposes Barak would be considered dangerous ...

Answered: Credibility of Bible

Physicalist, God was here from the beginning, google wasn't.

Answered: Obama we will know him by the company he keeps.

I am not surprised by his actions. Not too long ago he appointed a woman who is a lesbian as head of EEOC (I believe it was EEOC), anyways she is a proud lesbian who said openly after her confirmation ...

Answered: Obama's Hate-Crime Bill and Homosexuals vs ...

Ashoofly, The day is coming when heterosexuality will be considered a felony and the heterosexual perpetrators will be sent to prison, and people will be sickened as they hear about the ...

Answered: Who could back A.C.O.R.N. now?

Barak will always take care of his buddies, even if it's immoral, unconstitutional, and bordering on treason.

Answered: Bring on the New Year !

Ashoofly, I hope you had a safe and happy New Year ! I personally slept through it.

Answered: Is the 2nd Amendment on it's way out?

Only when We The People of the United States take the bull by the horns and say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !" and go to the polls and vote the correct person in office, then, and only then will we truly have a ...

Answered: Military

To the poster before me, So all those passengers who boarded the four doomed planes, all the people who went to work at the Pentagon, all the people who went to work or dropped their kids off at ...


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"Aw, I really enjoy your questions and your answers. I'm really happy that you are on Yedda and hope you stick around. Have a great day. "
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"Aw, I love to hear your words of wisdom. This is the kind of wisdom that can come only from the Spirit of God within you. God bless you and your family and may He always use you as the disciple that you are and blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ!"
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"Hi and welcome to yedda...I like you screen name...Its cute...I enjoy what you have to say and hope we get to know you betteer....God bless....Nanadee"
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"Thank you Aw! I am glad to see you on board as well! "
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"Aw, Welcome to yedda. I find you a good read. Stay a true American and keep fighting for freedom."