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Answered: December 1, 2009 report

Nanadee, why would any American want the government to decide if they should live or die based on that "treatment is too expensive", "you're bleading the system"? What human being even has the ...

Answered: Do you know the true meaning of these Christian ...

M2m, many times the reason people do not know what they are talking about is because they do not faithfully read the Holy Bible everyday.

Answered: Obama bails out banks, automakers, etc; what ...

Gregory R. Rader, first of all, I understand your frustration. All of us Americans are in the same economic boat "Titanic". Barak Obama and his crew are the ice berg that keeps on getting bigger ...

Answered: Bush Debt vs Obama debt. Who's the better ...

Full Time Patriot, any debt that is incurred is not good for America, but if I had to decide who incurred the worst debt, I would have to choose Barak Obama. It seems that Barak and company ...

Answered: Antagonistic Behavior

Ashoofly, I think the only antaganistic behavior I have ever seen in churches was in one church, the Pastor was leading his flock away from the true gospel and forming his own religion while ...

Answered: Does a union between religion and state cause ...

Physicalist, oppression is caused by any person who makes themselves a god. Pharoah (during the Exodus) believed he was god because the fake gods Osiris and Ra made him god. He married his ...

Answered: Are Catholics Christians?

Tony/ T-man/ Reverend Cooper/ and whatever alias you are using, I am not Catholic but enquiring minds want to know: are YOU a Christian? I am not Catholic and I may not agree with some of their ...

Answered: Detect A Nosy Person

Ashoofly, this one is easy for me too. I just look at the nosey neighbors house and observe her looking out her window with her binoculars aimed at a neighbor or neighbors window. Many years ago ...

Answered: Assessing the President

Dawg, Hahaheeheehahohheeheehahahaha! Now that is funny! What is sad is it probably is true.

Answered: Asking for your opinion

Nanadee, at this moment you or I could defeat President Obama if the Presidential Election took place today!


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"Aw, I love to hear your words of wisdom. This is the kind of wisdom that can come only from the Spirit of God within you. God bless you and your family and may He always use you as the disciple that you are and blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ!"
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