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I'm keen on everything about natural health, weight loss, fitness, yoga, ayurveda, prostate care and so on. I love friends. Welcome to join me!


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Commented: About Ol' Yeddar's answer

Thank you, but what is exactly 5K? A type of workout? "And by the way, question #1 is phrased in such a manner that the stated benefits of TTW is a proven fact. It is not." Agree, you are right.

Commented: About Ol' Yeddar's answer

Thank you, Jay, but I just need to collect all such resources available online, for some my work. No worries about my prostate - needs to be clarified in my question.



AnyaGarcia says:
"Hi Vic... i just wanted to welcome you to yedda. I noticed that you just joined the community today. "