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Answered: Overated

yes. and no. on both questions

Answered: What are there names

every thing past 10, is that number with a gon at the end like tenagon & twelveagon 7 is heptagon not sure what 9 is hope i helped you any

Answered: What does *^... mean in texting?

yes it is a wink i wouldent worry about it

Answered: What does 'meaningful' mean really..?

accutally, look at it more carefully, did you play a good role,did you help someone, were you pure of heart,lastly, did YOU make a diffrence.

Answered: Is 2012 good or bad?

yes someone does know what is going to happen, God. only god knows. no human on earth can predict when the earth will end. they say its based on the mayan civilazation calander because. it ended ...

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