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Asked: Pimpn and Playn, that's how I roll with the ladies ...

Pimpn and Playn, that's how I roll with the ladies. How do you roll?

Asked: Are you bitter?

Has this new AOL message board format turned you into a depressed and bitter person? If so, how are you coping with your daily life?

Commented: About Jews4AOL's answer

Yes it can work if the Doreen and Danielle obsessed stalker doesn't ruin it. RW is a bitter dried up skank.

Commented: About Jews4AOL's answer

Cali needs to log off and paddle her pink canoe. @@

Commented: About Jews4AOL's answer

I think you should paddle your pink canoe instead of being so bitter. Just sayin

Answered: How to remove air bag 2003 Monte carlo

Driving your car into a tree or telephone pole would be a good start.

Asked: Cheeseburger

When you put cheese on the burger how long do you leave it on? I hate it when half of it just melts off of it into the frying pan.

Answered: Do you think AOL noticed all my friends opinions ...

Yea, they saw all 3 of the opinions. So what are you going to do now? Are you going to call 911 because you're upset? @@ ^5 AOL


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