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Genius from the heart! lmao!!! :D
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Heyahh im a real fashion and beauty genuis!!Laughing

Im very SMARTCool also VERY Smileyy! Laughingx1000 thats all you need to know!

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Asked: Music

I have been to Nando's (the resturant), i love the music there. Does anyone know the singer/band/album? please help!

Commented: About ~Jada~'s answer

ahhhhaaa.... funny Jada_lynne

Answered: Can a human take on a chimp?

A chimp is way stronger than a average human. Even a baby chimp is quite fierce! I wouldn't recommend it!

Asked: Things to do?

I have 2 weeks holiday....but i have nothing to do "/. Any ideas?? aged 10+

Asked: Why do you hate Miley Cyrus?

Why does everyone hate Miley Cyrus? I know why i don't like her...there are many reasons. But why do you hate her?

Answered: What hair styles will be big for 2010?

Well it all depends on your age. For teenagers most people have scene hairstyles, bouncy curls, and wacky fringes. For more sophisticated look, loads of people are having bob cuts, you can style this ...

Answered: Is there a way to transfer music from your cell ...

Hi Pamela...most phones have a USB connection wire, if you plug one end into your phone and the other into computer first. Then open the 'MY COMPUTER' folder.Click on your phone's document folder ...

Answered: What is Cactus Juice good for? and do you dink ...

Well.... I have heard that cactus juice is good for you. It has a lot of vitamins, just look out because some are poisonous!!


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