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Answered: How to download music free and store it

To download music free, you may go to some website which offers free music for you like Amazon free music. Thing is that you cannot get the hot music downloaded. And I would like to suggest you to use ...

Answered: Download Pandora Music using Streaming Audio ...

I use Leawo Music Recorder and I haven't come across the condition like that. I can easily record the music on myspace and spotify. Really great.

Answered: Convert/move to itunes

Just find the music folder about your media player and drag the mp3 files to itunes.

Answered: Speedup pc

To speed up PC, you should delete some useless programs and close the programs that you don't need to use at the moment. Move the programs from C disk to D disk. Clean up the disk.

Answered: How do i play a blu ray disc on my pc . i have a ...

You need to check out if your computer's hardware can support Blu-ray. Read this article to get it?

Answered: How to make blu-ray player region free

You can try some Region-free Blu-ray Player software to get the region-free blu-ray enjoyment. Now you can get one from this link and all you need to do is to submit a review on cnet. http://www ...

Answered: What to do when your spouse is not happy?

Just try to find the reason why he/she is no happy. And you need to chat with he/she to help solve the problem.

Answered: Play Blu ray on iPad Mini?

I haven't heard of that, and to get blu-ray on iPad Mini, you have to get a blu-ray to ipad converter.Below is the link.

Answered: Will a Blu-ray movie play on a DVD player?

Because of different codec of blu-ray and dvd, you cannot play blu-ray on a dvd player, and just get a region-free blu-ray player software from the below link. ...


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