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Answered: She said what?

She said, "You're toast." }:)

Answered: Hellooooo

"Are none", not "is none", and yer slippin'. ;D

Answered: Words can't describe:

It certainly WILL be. For you. ;)

Answered: Hmm

Tsk, tsk, you're afraid of us. }:)

Answered: What a tangled web

FishFace was DebisTangledWeb. Your only friends are trolls LMAO

Answered: Truth

You wouldn't know it if it bit ya. :)

Answered: Shameful

::screen shot:: }:)

Answered: Cancer slams, again

And FishFace makes slams about Legionnaire's Disease. Ya hypocrite LOL

Answered: Copies saved!

Wanna know what WE have copies of? <snicker>

Answered: Busted

I think you know who's REALLY busted. :)

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