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Asked: Favorite Oscars Moment

What was your favorite moment of the 2008 Oscars? Mine was Ben Stiller impersonating Joaquin Phoenix.

Asked: Favorite Oscars Moment

What was your favorite moment of the 2008 Oscars? Mine was Ben Stiller acting like Joaquin Phoenix

Asked: Movie Villain - arm in glass tube?

In what movie does the villain have his arm enclosed in a glass tube? Its almost like a big test tube... I can't remember!

Asked: Cold hands in gloves

Call me crazy, but I think my hands get colder when I wear gloves. If I put on gloves (before leaving the house, at room temperature) and leave on a cold day I feel like my fingers/hands feel colder ...

Asked: Your Favorite Live Concert?

What's your absolute favorite live concert? I really enjoy live music, and being a huge Pink Floyd fan, Roger Water's "In The Flesh" DVDs is one of the most enjoyable shows I've seen, with great ...

Answered: Boldest Adventure

Backpacking through the south of Argentina and Chile for 3 weeks. Amazing places visited and endured long and challenging hikes as well as snow and cold temperatures. Great experience!

Answered: AOL Stored Pictures

Hey Kat - Hopefully I didn't find your question too late, and you're done deleting the pictures you don't want and/or need. I recommend you download and install Google's Picasa. Its a free photo ...

Answered: Will the Cowboys make the playoffs now that Tony ...

It will definitely be a steep slope to make it to the playoffs. Tony Romo's injury was a major setback and the back up quarterbacks just couldn't pull it out. I think that with the extra effort the ...

Answered: What's your favorite board game?

I've always enjoyed the game LIFE. Its one of those fun fast paced games that are both entertaining as well as mildly educational with choices, careers, life events, etc. and teaches the concept of ...

Asked: Static on phone line caused by fluorescent light!

I have a large reef aquarium (can be seen here: ) and after months of having an annoying noise on my phone line, I figured out that one of the fluorescent lights in the fixture ...



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