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Asked: How much does it cost to park at Cowboys ...

How much does it cost to park at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas?

Asked: Tips for an Interview

I have a job interview after the holidays. Does anyone have some good tips for being prepared? What to wear, what to say, what not to say?

Asked: Charlie Wilson's War Roberts and Hanks

Charlie Wilson's War is opening next weekend. Is this a good movie, or a waste of time? Will big names like Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts be enough to draw in the crowds?

Answered: Ionic liquids

An ionic liquid is a salt in which the ions are poorly coordinated, which results in these solvents being liquid below 100°C, or even at room temperature (room temperature ionic liquids, RTIL's). At ...

Answered: James Watson: Black People not as Smart as White

They're upset because it is complete and utter nonsense and you would a scientist worthy of a Nobel prize to realize that.

Asked: Difference between parquet flooring and parquetry

What is the difference between parquet flooring and parquetry?

Answered: If humans had hooves instead of feet would they ...

If humans had hooves, it would be so because they evolved to have hooves. In the course of this evolution process, they would have to be able to walk (or run) in order to find food, escape predators ...

Answered: Alec Baldwin's voice mail recording

So the girl let her mother hear the message and she sent it to the press? I'm not sure I understand.

Asked: Rock musicians that have a PhD?

I was surprised to hear that Milo Aukerman, lead singer of the punk-rock band the Descendents, is a biochemist with a PhD. Are there any other rock musicians that have a PhD?

Answered: What makes water freeze faster than fruit juice?

It's easier to explain in the other way around - why juice freezes more slowly than pure water. When water freezes, the water molecules create an organized pattern and stay in this pattern. Since all ...

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