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Answered: Walking burning more calories?

I don't know that you burn more calories but for me at least jogging is hard on my knees and walking is more comfortable. I don't think it matters really the important thing is that you are ...

Answered: Doing workouts?

I work out to lose weight and to improve my overall health. Working out helps me to relieve stress and just makes me feel better overall.

Answered: Excessive sweating?

Tell your friend to discuss it with the doctor as it can be a symptom of soem health problems. They can also prescribe deodorant that is stronger than what you can buy OTC.

Answered: Family friendly movies?

Animated Disney movies can be fun for the whole family and there are tons of them to choose from. Some of my favorites are Aladin, Mulan, Jungle Book, and Alice in Wonderland.

Answered: How long should you wait in between children? I ...

I think at least a year would be ideal. If you don't lose your baby weight before getting pregnant againyou'll just get bigger and bigger and you may never be able to get it off.

Answered: Would you consider giving birth at home?

Absolutely not. I think home births are very irresponsible on the part of midwives and parents. Too many things could go wrong and the ambulance might not get there in time.

Answered: Seeing as I brought kidney beans instead of chick ...

Why not make red beans and rice instead? It's a pretty tasty and easy cajun dish and you have the two ingredients! You can also add smoked sausage or chicken to it if you like.

Asked: How long do babies growth spurts usually last ...

How long do babies growth spurts usually last? My son is a little over a week old and seeems to be excessively hungry and fussy today. Is this our first growth spurt?

Answered: Julian Assange - whistleblower or spy?

I actually agree with Chris. I think the government has the responsibility of offering transperancy to it's citizens but at the same time I can understand that there can be a time and a place when it ...

Answered: Can ivuprofen hurt you?

Yes if you take too much of it (like an overdose) it can harm your liver or cause some stomach and digestive system damage and discomfort.


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