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Elderly retired person who loves to discuss relative issues that affect us.

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Dear Friends; Here is something I found on the It is from someone who really believves -d is in charge. >>> Paraphrasing; God said those who stand with Israel stand with God those who ...

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Dear Friends; Here we see what comes about when feelings, and not truth, is the mainstay of learning. The Hebrew has been proven by anceint manuscripts to be correct, and many of the verses in the ...

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Dear Jameslee; I apoligize for placing a post like this, without more foresite. But, as we see the plight of your fellow Christians ignored in the Midle East and Northern Africa, there is the pain ...

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Dear Friends; Speaking of the "Shin Bone"; some do so philosophically here, on a regular basis. Oy vey! Shalom; Still the same Yechiel

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Dear Phys; Re-read what I wrote. It is very clear what I am talking about. You may think it is not what you want to read, there-fore,it is not so; but there are others here, on this planet, who think ...

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Dear Friends; As you can see, the above sign has Shalom in hebrew. Same person as the one with the menorah, but i am using the posting I lost ewarlier. I may use both, as to make it easier to keep ...

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Dear Njoy; I am not on a side in this discussioin; just want a basis for study that we can use, and fell comfortale that even if I do not agree with what I come up with, at least I know it is as ...

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Dear "Dr" Kelly; Look here; Now what was that you said, you loving, respectful person, you? Yechiel

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Dear "Dr" Kelly; Oops for you. You have nothing to support that I am either a screen name for anyone else, and certinaly, nothing near being an Atheist. If i was, then why would I have stated my ...

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Dear Phys; Do you realize you have placed yourself on the side of the bigots? Do you have an answer for this question? Yechiel


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