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Gene you obviously have a reading comprehension problem . What I posted are actual facts , something your type seems to be allergic to . Perhaps instead of soiling the internet with your projections ...

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And more facts : Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “Americans know that Israel and the United States share common values, that we defend common interests, that we face common enemies. ... We are ...

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More facts : Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon: “I can tell you in a very categoric way I believe also in an authoritative way that we have not had a better friend than President Obama and we ...

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And now for facts : Defense Minister and former Prime Minister Ehud Barak: “I should tell you honestly that this Administration under President Obama is doing in regard to our security more than ...

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Tramp is describing the fantasy world he lives in , like most low information right wingers do with every one of their musings .

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How's that " Mitt Romney will win in a landslide " thingy working out for you sarge ? Ah right , your party of nothingness was REJECTED !

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RNC Chair Backs Electoral Vote Gambit RNC Chairman Reince Preibus told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel over the weekend that he thinks Wisconsin and other battleground states "should change the way ...

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The faux faux doesn't understand the debt ceiling issue , not that it suprises anyone . If the faux faux was an informed voter he would understand that the majority of he debt was because of GOP ...

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So when are you going to prove that the GOP has accomplishments that matter to Americans ? Or do you plan to spin , deviate , obfuscate , talk about anything but proven facts . The GOP has become a ...

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' big nasty felonies ' none that the tea bagger can mention . And I love where in one sentence the right winger calls leftist s liars followed up by claiming ' Bubba ' is the shot caller for the crips ...



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MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC says:
"I reaize that you leftists are absolutely desperate as you see your anarchist cult going down the toilet, which was inevitable. Tell me, deespite your incoherent frenzy, is there any reason to take your bunch seriously?"