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Answered: What fun ?

jingle bells ,easter bells lol

Answered: How much more could McDonald's pay its employees ...

dont be silly they cant pay the employees more ,they need to make millions profit they cant do that if they give it to employees

Answered: This is stupid...just put the boards back.

stupid waste of time , look at some of the disgusting questions .

Answered: This is stupid...just put the boards back.

i dont like this stupid board and the questions are disgusting is it not monitored and what is the point of it, nothing .

Answered: Are there any actual message boards available ...

aol take at there will ,i may take my custom from aol ,for taking my message board ,

Answered: AOL Message Boards

we liked the message boards and aol took them away why we dont know , i may take my custom away from aol ,see how they like it , watch out this may be the next thing to go they take at there will ...

Answered: I'm glad the AOL boards are gone! I had been a ...

why did you stay then dont you have an off button

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