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Asked: Lasik

Does anyone know where one could go for Lasik surgery to remove a cataract at a reduced price, or any organizations that would do it for free?

Asked: Richard k collopy

I recently purchased a acrylic painting with the name Collopy, i believe the first name is Richard K. It is a painting of a country scene with a person walking in the distance on a trail. Any info ...

Asked: I have a very small kitchen - the floor is ...

i have a very small kitchen - the floor is about 6x4 - i want to put down black and white tile - should i lay in down so it looks like a checkerboard or on the diaginal like a diamond?


harryvan says:
"Thank you for making me your contact; I enjoyed reading your intelligent answers to various questions. "
susi421 says:
"I really appreciate your answering me about the test and email being so small that I can hardly read. Although your answer was correct if I wanted to make the font and text larger when I write an email, it doesn't work when I am trying to see who the email is from before I open it up. That is the part that is so small, I have tried everything and nothing works. Let me know if you can think of anything else to fix this,"