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Asked: Who and when Matrimony was made into Law or Legal?

When and by whom was Marriage or Matrimony, instituted or put into legal Law or religious law? - When and who thought and included the current rituals of Marriage? I see many references about ...

Commented: About MarineForceRecon's answer

To MarineForceRecon: One more comment about your comment: In your comment above you mention and quote some Bible writer about the good things should not be given or fed to the dogs or the pigs. I ...

Commented: About MarineForceRecon's answer

Thank for all your efforts, but you got your brain fixed and stuck in what you read. Your brain has been washed. My advise: Start thinking on your own, Analize frases and issues, turn them upside ...

Commented: About Sarah's answer

I deleted the previous comment of mine, because I just wanted to thank you for your answer and also that I can see you point which I respect. Thanks again for answering my question.

Commented: About n's answer (This answer is not available)

Yes, when I disagree with the use of a Bible quotation as basis to confirm or as proof af another statement; An if the quotation is not proven true, I let them know they cannot use a quote from the ...

Commented: About jacinthemilton's answer

Jacinthemilton: Thank you for answering my question. Your answer is short but quite to the point. Thanks for your effort.

Commented: About Ol' Yeddar's answer

Jay aka EET: Thanks for answering my question. I like your "unabridged" answer (I really don't know what unbridged means) I think it tells it clearly how it is. Thank you very much.

Commented: About Jen-Jen's answer

Jen-Jen: Thanks one more time for taking the time to answer my questions and want to tell you that I like your answer(s). Thanks again.

Commented: About Rob's answer

Great answer, I knew you knew something about it. Thanks for taking the time to give me your view poin which I like. Thanks again.


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