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Life is one big roller coaster ride. Enjoy the highs, and forget the lows. You only get ONE ride.
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Funloving, outgoing, friendly, love life and all creatures close to me. Love sports and physical activity. Enjoy expanding my mind at any given opportunity. Enjoy a good verbal sparring match with other intelligent minds. Have many interests, am a proficient cook, avid reader, and love interacting with everything in nature.

Since life is relatively short, I want to experience all I can and drink in all the beauty mother nature has to offer. I love to be free, love to be impulsive and leave no stone unturned. Loose ends and unfinished projects drive me crazy. I like order and hate chaos.  I plan to ride life's roller coaster to the very end. And when it's over I want to be able to look back on it with wonder and amazment and know that I enjoyed all I could of the ride I had.

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Answered: How to deal with people who say illogical things ...

Amen Anothernonymous! Anyone dumb enough to play the game gets what they deserve. Just walk away, simple as that. No answer at all is the best answer of all when dealing with a situation like that.

Answered: When an alcoholic does not want to get better?

Then there is nothing anyone can do. Self destructive behavior as exibited by the alcoholic is a demon they and they alone have to deal with. People with self destructive behavior have a death wish ...

Answered: Coffee,tea and chocolate are no nos. Alcohol???

Alcohol, tea, coffee and chocolate are all good for you in small amounts. Tea however can be consumed in quanity and has many antioxidant properties, along with the others, but will not damage the ...

Answered: Does it matter if Evan Rachel Wood is bisexual?

No, it doesn't matter to me what anyone's sexual orientation is, as long as it doesn't affect my life; I could care less. That's her business. Even tho I find it revolting and perverted as long as she ...

Answered: Is Charlie Sheen's tour a bust?

Pretty much from what I've seen and heard. Why anyone would pay to see that egomanical, self centered piece of crap is one for the books. If these people have nothing better to do with their money ...

Answered: Can you help me ?

Avon's banishing cream, great exfoliant to get rid of dry dead skin and adds wonderful sheen to skin. Night cream, Jergens all purpose face cream, use to cleanse face and to moisturize nightly ...

Answered: Does Celeb Weight Loss Make You Want To Be ...

NOPE! Been thin all my life and I wouldn't trade bodies with them for all the money in the world. I don't have to work at it, my fab figure came naturally and puts theirs to shame. I truely feel sorry ...

Answered: J.Lo Voted PEOPLE Magazine's Most Beautiful For ...

100%! I have always thought JLO was the most beautiful woman in the world. There are very few women in this world I would want to look like other than myself, but she is NO.1 on that very short list.

Answered: Do you think the "Real Men Don't Buy Girls ...

No. When it comes to sex there is no campaign that will stop pervs from having sex with girls who have been bought, traded or otherwise coerced into prostitution. Only a lobotomy will stop these ...

Answered: Why doesn't he leave if he says he needs space

Yes he wants you to end it, that assuages his guilt. Do it already, you've wasted enough time with someone that obviously doesn't want to be with you. Set him free, if he loves you and want's to come ...


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