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Life is one big roller coaster ride. Enjoy the highs, and forget the lows. You only get ONE ride.
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Funloving, outgoing, friendly, love life and all creatures close to me. Love sports and physical activity. Enjoy expanding my mind at any given opportunity. Enjoy a good verbal sparring match with other intelligent minds. Have many interests, am a proficient cook, avid reader, and love interacting with everything in nature.

Since life is relatively short, I want to experience all I can and drink in all the beauty mother nature has to offer. I love to be free, love to be impulsive and leave no stone unturned. Loose ends and unfinished projects drive me crazy. I like order and hate chaos.  I plan to ride life's roller coaster to the very end. And when it's over I want to be able to look back on it with wonder and amazment and know that I enjoyed all I could of the ride I had.

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Answered: Do you have a family tree?

Yes we have a family tree. Was interesting to learn that my great, great, great grandmother was a famous Opera singer in Germany in the 1800's. Now we all know where we got our beautiful singing ...

Answered: Do you bathe your baby every day? I have a ...

Not weird at all, quite the contray, it's healthier. Your friend is obviously much better informed than you when it comes to babies and bathing. Doctors recommend infants only have a bath or two a ...

Answered: Your opinion on the McDonald's beating video?

Horrifying and disgusting. Not to mention frightening! Whose to say you or I aren't the next victims if some of these out of control a__holes decides they don't like something about one of us ...

Answered: Your reaction to the killing of Seath Tyler ...

So sad and disheartening to think that these individuals place so little value on another human life. As well it's very scary to think they could be that cold hearted and diabolical. Scary indeed. My ...

Answered: Does leaving a baby alone in a room to sleep have ...

I agree with Maxine, are you serious?! My kids had their own rooms and slept alone from the time they were just a few months old. What do you do, sleep with them in the nursery all night?

Commented: About ddavel544's answer

Very cute! But you forgot one thing, snake bite antivenom, just to be on the safe side if bitten.

Commented: About charlie2911's answer

Hi Charlie! Been a while, just wanted to jump in and wish you a Nice Easter. Waiting for relatives to arrive so had a few minutes to peek in and see what's going on. Same o' same o' it would appear.

Answered: What is so special about Vidalia onions?

Vidalias are much sweeter, less pungent, less bitter, more flavorful and carmalize beautifully. Especially in French onion soup!

Answered: Why do you like being a coroner?

Because it's a lucritive profession that will never die. (somebody has to determine the cause of death and it might as well be me.)

Commented: About unkabob's answer

GOOD ONE! Couldn't have said it better myself!


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