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Life is one big roller coaster ride. Enjoy the highs, and forget the lows. You only get ONE ride.
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Funloving, outgoing, friendly, love life and all creatures close to me. Love sports and physical activity. Enjoy expanding my mind at any given opportunity. Enjoy a good verbal sparring match with other intelligent minds. Have many interests, am a proficient cook, avid reader, and love interacting with everything in nature.

Since life is relatively short, I want to experience all I can and drink in all the beauty mother nature has to offer. I love to be free, love to be impulsive and leave no stone unturned. Loose ends and unfinished projects drive me crazy. I like order and hate chaos.  I plan to ride life's roller coaster to the very end. And when it's over I want to be able to look back on it with wonder and amazment and know that I enjoyed all I could of the ride I had.

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Answered: I am very possessive about a gal ? Its making us ...

See a therapist and find out what your problem is that you are so insecure. You will drive her away, for sure unless you get a grip on your behavior and change it. You will no doubt need therapy to ...

Answered: Im lost in my own head

Wise words bonestructure, Katelyn listen up and do what he says. You need some relief from the tremendous amount of stress placed on you, and you need a life of your own. You have to have an outlet ...

Answered: Fed up with bigotry and malice !

So glad to hear I'm not the only one who feels this way. I too hardly get on anymore with all the stupidity that has been going on lately. On ocassion like today there have been some real questions ...

Answered: What did you think of the royal wedding?

Just watched the highlights but I totally agree with NJOY. My sentiments exactly! Diana and Charles did not look happy like a bride and groom should. Everything looked very artificial and stuffy ...

Answered: After being in bed for a few days sick what would ...

Sounds like a possible case of Phlebitis. If you have spent several days in bed it is quite possible you have developed a clot due to inactivity. You need to see you doctor asap.

Answered: I think it's pretty bad to smoke around kids ...

The adult passenger can complain, but whether it will be of consequence is another matter. I do not condone or allow smoking around children or in my car. The opposite is true in my case. If a ...

Answered: What is so special about Vidalia onions?

Vidalias are much sweeter, less pungent, less bitter, more flavorful and carmalize beautifully. Especially in French onion soup!

Answered: Why do you like being a coroner?

Because it's a lucritive profession that will never die. (somebody has to determine the cause of death and it might as well be me.)

Answered: When an alcoholic does not want to get better?

Then there is nothing anyone can do. Self destructive behavior as exibited by the alcoholic is a demon they and they alone have to deal with. People with self destructive behavior have a death wish ...

Answered: Advice

That's pure poppycock that you want him to be "happy" with his wife. If so you never would have started an affair with him. Leave him alone and find someone who isn't committed to another. You're ...


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