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The artist doesn't see things as they are, but as he is.

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Awwww.... have a nice relaxing evening Mr.Jqna

Answered: Who Sang

I'm wondering the poster didn't mean, "Breaking up is hard to do", which was Neil Sedaka.

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----> -O- <---- Groovin' to Oops upside your head... Pa's girl don't forget to lift the toilet seat back up for the hubby and if you dribble clean it up!

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Jada.... no sniffing any more of those fumes! Night!

Answered: Harrassment by stalker

Having lived in some tough neighborhoods (cheap rent) I've had numerous occasions where I've had to defend myself, including three times I remember distinctly --one where after I opened my door the ...

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Oh Norm, now I have a headhace.

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charlie2911 says:
"-O-, we'll miss you. Take car and have fun."
ddavel544 says:
"-O-...I've never seen you ever in real life. But in my mind I know you are as beautiful as a Goddess! And I'm happy that you are in even the smallest of ways ...a part of my world....Dave."
Articus2 says:
"-O- thank you for making me a contact.Your insite to my bloggy question are much sot after by me.I look forward to a long relationship. :)"
Articus2 says:
"Thank you -O- yuor comment's and answers will always be kept dear.:)"
charlie2911 says:
" charlie2911 says: "Well if ever I think of "kick *** women" , Jada and -O- are right at the top of that short list. " "
~Jada~ says:
"Hi ~O~ and welcome back yourself! I haven't seen you around as much as before but I do enjoy your company here ... and since I didn't say it before, although I thought I did ; o Welcome to Yedda!"
MrWebster says:
"-O-: I've liked you ever since that time that we were all having fun trying to guess your first name (Catherine of Aragon, I think). Since then, while not following you or your posts, whenever they popped up, I paid extra attention. I have come to see that you acquit yourself quite well in any circumstance and in any fora. While I have liked you for all of this time, now you have my RESPECT. Regards and respect, MW"
AnyaGarcia says:
"Hi -O- I'm Anya. I just wanted to use this new compliments box to let you know that I really love your answers here on Yedda and find them really thoughtful and useful. You're also friends with some of my good friends here. Anyway, have a great day. "
ddavel544 says:
"-O-....You're one ..'smooth operator' yourself"
ddavel544 says:
"Thanks for the add -O-I like your style...but then you are a stylin' babe!"
AShoofly says:
"Hi -O-, We enjoyed your fun ways. Maybe we can twirl on the dance floor someday. LOL Glad to have you on yedda. "
Sparky's Mom says:
"-O- You are a great lady. I have fun commenting with you. Don't forget, I get to help plan your wedding some day. Anna Sparky's Mom "
charlie2911 says:
"You give so many lovely, 'straight to the point' answers. I specially like the one to "True Christians only" LOL"
EJ says:
" Welcome back -O- It's always great to see you around, being helpful and kind. Sure I'd be happy to be your cyber Nephew! "
dot says:
"-O-, Really! it's true! I'm only about a 3 hour drive (1 way) from you! Lets do summer! OK so that's NOT dirty either! Stop all that loud laughing or you might break glass! Had a talk with mother nature today, she promises us lots of bright sunshine and warm temperatures! Even on the most cloudiest and miserabile of days, I know I can count on -O- to burst through the clouds with her sunshine and laughter, and fill my heart with joy. You're one in a million -O-, don't ever change! pa's girl"
dot says:
"Dear -O-, The sun shines the brightest with you here on Yedda, and I adore the sun! No, that's not dirty, It's on my profile! Really! OK stop all that laughing, I can hear you all the way down here!! Hey -O- you'll never guess what~were almost neighbors!! We're about 2 hours away! Or maybe it's 3!"
lawbug says:
"Thank you as i am alsays hear if you need."
~Sweet Gypsey~ says:
"Hi, have seen you around the past few days and have a great feeling that you are going to be a great asset here on the sites, almost as you belong here, so welcome and enjoy. Anything you need, ask. Gypsey"
lawbug says:
"Welcome to yedda and thank you. As you seem to be right on top of it."