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Answered: How long have condoms been available as a form of ...

Since b4 the Romans. They use to use the intestines of animals.

Answered: How effective are condoms as a method of birth ...

Ask my son. He's a daddy now! You should be on the pill or the spermicide creams as extra protection. The creams also act as a lubricant. Or try outercourse. Or if that is to hard, teach him how ...

Answered: What sort of exercise is safe during pregnancy?

Ask your Dr. Without a medical history, An answer here would be to long to CMA.

Answered: Stopping my Period

I have to ask why do you want to stop your period.

Answered: Bad Butter

Stay close to the bathroom.

Answered: Dark spots on beagle underarms and inner thighs ...

Has there been a change in the dogs routine...Walking or running around more. Or has the dog stopped going outside because of the cold and snow.. Is the dog a puppy that is growing. Without seeing ...

Answered: Symbols Is it Bad?

It's a Logo for a company....I think it is

Answered: OK. So here's another story me & my boyfriend ...

Another slang term is Outercourse instead of Intercourse.........

Answered: I want to hold my stock certificates

If you really want to hold your own certificates.....Change Brokers....... What is happening? They, like everyone else, are trying to save money...For You so they can keep costs down.


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"do u live in Elkton, Maryland, Joe?"
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"I am very impressed with Joe C's ability to convey medical information in a manner easily understood by virtually anyone. I believe you are a strong asset for Yedda, Joe! "