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Answered: Donald Trump Concerned about Obama's Birth ...

Most of the people that I know , believe that Obamba past is a mistery, and all his papers are fake, also most people that voted for him are sorry they voted for such a incompetent man.

Answered: How Do You Rate Obama's Performance?

The man has no experience at Anything ,sooooo what did you spect.

Answered: Going............Going...............Go.......

Obama makes his supporters look like fools, the good news are that some democrats are waking up to the reality , that obama is just another politician as his former pastor said, america has been ...

Answered: Obama's Fallacies VS. The Realties the FACTS

Marine more and more the American people starting to wake up, more people are starting to get interested in politics, and the future of our beloved country, this community organizer is loosing his ...

Answered: When will this madness from the birthers end?????

This Typpsy is a hypocrite she has call me illegal alien many times and she thiks her god Obsama does not need to prove he is a legal alien.

Answered: Do you agree that Yedda should be used for posting ...

Latest polls : obama is not ready for the job his, even demoncrats are sorry they voted him in, even blacks are afraid of his socialist agenda, the good news are "americans are waking up"

Commented: About Lido's answer

will public option be in it.



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