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Answered: Who was the most corrupt american president?

I have to agree with, Lady Darko. And it's only because the Media has turned a blind eye and allowed this President to do corrupt things.

Answered: Is the light of God, solar powered?

God's light is more powerful than all the suns in the universe combined, I suspect.

Answered: Does it matter what version of the Bible you read?

They all provide the same accounts. Protestant bibles just didn't include some accounts that the catholic bible has. eg. The Book of Maccabees.

Answered: If teabaggers hate government why do they salute ...

Grow up and read some american history for God's sake.

Answered: Bachmanns intellectual guru ?

I suspect she's smart enough to be able to balance a check book.

Answered: Only crazies and extremist beleive in "god"

I attended public school science classes as a matter of fact. Why ?

Answered: Only crazies and extremist beleive in "god"

There WAS a beginning. Waters DID gather on the earth as seas. Life WAS brought forth from the earth. Photosynthesis DID begin. Animal life DID come forth abundantly from the waters. A great ...

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