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Your direction,not your intentions,determines your destination. .
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Love to cook,Read alot,Love to paint when I can,Don't like the present admiinistration,Like to garden,Will say what I think when asked a question,Friendly,Love family and country.Just became a great grandmother on April 8.2010. Baby boy named James Alexander, he will be called "Alex".Best news I've had lately.

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Answered: Relationships

This has ruffled a few of my feathers real good. Who in the hell does he think he is to lie to you to get you in bed, then abuse that part of your body for his own selfish needs? I wish I could give ...

Commented: About A Brown's answer

For the life of me, I don't know where the other post I was suppose(?) to have written came from. I have a sense of humor, but would prefer to write my own comedy myself. Whoever wrote it, please ...

Commented: About ~American~~Patriot~'s answer

Couldn't have answered it better myself.

Answered: Where to buy northface mens jackets?

You can buy them from Sports Authority right now anyway, don't know for how long long though,Cost?about $130.00.

Answered: Where to buy northface mens jackets?

You can buy them from Sports Authority right now anyway, don't know for how long long though,Cost?about $130.00.

Answered: Why is there a Lee Street in Pennsylvania

There is probably a Lee Street in every city and town in this country.Why does this question intrigue you so?

Answered: Unrequited love

Seems to me he is still not grown up yet. Sit down and discuss your relationship, and see if you can get in your mind once and for all where it is going.Seems he wants his cake and eat it too. This is ...

Answered: Narcissist

If he works 12 hours a day, he must be making a pretty good check for himself. Ask him if he will get you a little help for 2 afternoons a week so you can have some time to do what you want or need ...

Answered: Where do I buy a large roll of parchment paper ...

I really don't know the absolute answer to that question, but if you go to a favorite eating establishment, maybe you can see if they will sell you a roll, or ask the manager at your favorite ...

Answered: I searching to buy that specially closed type pot ...

I agree with Celty, you are probably talking about a pressure cooker. They are great to cook meats like chicken or beef stew. I have one word of caution when using the cooker, make sure the red tab in ...



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"Happy Mothers Day"
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"The question was, who wrote the autobiography titled "My wicked, wicked ways"?"
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"A Brown, hi, I just had read your posts and think that you have a lot of spunk, I have you as a contact, and would like to compliment you as far as your writing and great attitude, you don't back down from your values and standards. You are an asset to forum! Sweet Gypsey"
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"A Brown you are an an asset to this website and I read your posts with interest."
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"Good to be back AB. =o) Great to see you too."
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"A very happy thanks giving to you ann.....Love chatting with you....Your like me alot...Young at heart and thoughtful. God bless.......Nanadee"
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"Sweet and kind and so caring she helped me with a question i had.Thanks A Brown."
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"You are very wise.Most people get that way from making mistakes.Obviously,you care enough to be better for them.Very glad to meet you!"
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"Thanks a bunch A Brown--I really appreciated your idea and am gonna' try it. (the shelving paper) thanx again"
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"Thank you. I'm just trying to help. Barbara "
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"I appreciat your time and answer .I also appologiise for the double no help reply. I'm new to yedda and as of yet have no real answer to my ? from reps or dems. I just get a little tired of the vague references with out any real info. Thanks for your answer & time A. Brown"
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"Thank you for the warm welcome and your kind words! much appreciated! Take Care. ~Morning Star~"
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"Thank you A. Brown for your kind words. You are one of the people here I respect and admire our cyber-friendship. You give a lot of GREAT advice."
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