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"Live as if you were to die tomorrow; Learn as if you were to live forever" - Gandhi "An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind" - Gandhi
About Avaloyuru:

While I'm not quite convinced there are a lot of people that actually read these "profiles", I have decided to add this general synopsis of what I suppose I would want people to know about me in a nutshell.

I am a female in my early 50's.  I am a post college graduate with degrees of varying levels in Personal & Business Administration, Accounting, Information Systems Management, Sociology and Theology.  I am retired U. S. Army and have traveled throughout the world as both a civilian and during my 13 years of service.

I am continuing my education by currently attending the University of Phoenix both online as well as on a local campus (Pittsburgh) for Probation Officer.

I consider myself an open-minded individual in that I am willing to listen and discuss most any subject in the interest of learning.  However, I will not argue with anyone because we all have the right to our own opinions as well as the right to express them.  I make a sincere effort to express only that which I believe to be of factual importance or significance to a given subject or discussion and avoid “preaching”, a trend I avidly detest.

Unfortunately due to recent events, I have made some changes to my Yedda settings.  Because it is not my intention to be a target or outlet for those who feel the need to test or challenge me on a personal level.  The reason I am here on this forum as well as any other is neither diminished nor enhanced by the availability of this option.  Simply because I feel that for the most part, whatever needs to be said by myself or anyone else can be said in an open forum.

If anyone is actually interested knowing anything else about me as a person, I have a personal web site listed here that serves as my profile on all the forum sites that I use.

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Bonestructure says:
"Thank you very much for your compliment"
scotty says:
"I like your answers:"
dot says:
"Dear Avaloyuru, Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to post a reply! Here I was all ready to jump right in and help you, if needed. But you definitely can hold your own, so I won't worry about you anymore. Avaloyuru, you are an extremely intelligent person, you are everything I wish I could be. And Nanadee is right, your family must be really proud of you! And thanks, for giving me a simple reply, one I could understand. Take care and God Bless!"
Nanadee says:
"Hi avaloyruru's thank you so much for your prayers for me. I been reading you questions and answers and your profile, and i really enjoyed them..You sound very educated and a kind hearted lady that don't take no nonsense and i really like that in a person, espically a woman...I had put you for a contact a while back but i dont see me on your contacts....Did you get it cause we are having trouble with contact's, messages and compliments....Yedda will get it straightened out. I just thought maybe we had some things in common except i am not that educated, i bet your family is proud of you. But your never to old to learn and i am almost 70 and still learning something new everyday....God bless you nanadee"