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Asked: Astrology and Tarot Cards?

Does anyone use tarot cards? Do you believe they work? How about astrological signs and personalities? I'd like to think there are forces at work that means that life is not all just made up of ...

Asked: Do cats always land feet first?

Do cats really always land on their feet? I read somewhere it had to do with their ears and if there is enough time for the cat to turn over.

Asked: Man to go extinct?

Do you think that the human species will go extinct? I worry that man is headed toward self-destruction. We are the only species that will leave the world worse off than we found it.

Asked: Zumba?

Have your tried Zumba? Any tips for picking up the dances more quickly? It is fun, but I feel clutzy!

Answered: Friends Vs Lover

A lover is someone you are intimate with. A friend can also be a lover. A friend can be anyone you care about and have common interests with.

Answered: Getting screwed over?

Most women tend to be unable separate sex and their emotions that is why it is best to avoid purely sexual relationships with guys. That being said, I think this guy is not interested in a ...

Answered: Am i fat? i am 15. i am 99lbs and i am 4'9

You are definitely not fat! If someone is telling you that you are they are just mean or jealous. Please don't let anyone make you feel badly about yourself!

Answered: My cats are sick...I CANNOT afford a vet....

A lot of vets will not even treat a cold in a cat until the cat is given a chance to "beat" the cold on their own. Give the cats a chance to get better, but in a few days if they don't get better, you ...

Answered: Can cats have allergies too just like humans ...

Cats can definitely be allergic to fleas and the only way to cure this is to prevent them fromhaving fleas at all. If the sneezing is accompanied by mucous from the nose or eyes, you may need to take ...

Answered: What is the best way to relieve alergy symptoms?

I find that using an allergy medication is the best way to relieve the symptoms of allergies. Avoiding the allergen, if possible, is the best way to prevent the body from reacting to begin with.


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