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Answered: A 20 year old with learning disabilities and ...

What educational level is this person? If there is an identified learning disability and the person has an IEP/is in Special Education then s/he is entitled to a free and public education until high ...

Answered: Brother/sistersexualrelationships

What about them? If you're considering one, don't, there is a reason that they are universally taboo.

Answered: I need help i missed my period on friday could i ...

If you are sexually active, then yes. Take an home pregnancy test, however, even if it's negative you should assume you are pregnant (and treat your body as such - e.g., no alcohol, drugs, etc) until ...

Commented: About jkgrandma's answer

I stand corrected. My son must have had a "common wart" on his hand, but I think the doctor referred to it as a plantar wart. Either way, the rest of my information remains valid. My daughter had a ...

Answered: What to do

Daya, to be honest, I have no clue as to what you are saying. However, it's clear he did something that hurt you. He is now apologizing and asking for your forgiveness. Since I don't know either of ...

Answered: How long does it take after treatment begins ...

Get it treated as it will only get worse. My son had one on his hand and it took two rounds of treatments to get rid of it. Had it been treated sooner it would have been easier to treat. If it's ...

Answered: Are cats softer then dogs?

What is your definition of "softer"? Are you referring to the feel of the fur or the tone of their muscles and the way they move or something else entirely?

Answered: Charity leads to heaven - is this true?

The answer to this depends on your religious beliefs. I'm Christian and therefore do not believe that charitable acts will gain you a place in heaven. You can't "gain" a place in heaven by anything ...

Answered: How far is elmira ny from geneva ny?

Approximately 61 miles from city center to city center.

Answered: How far is elmira ny from geneva ny?

Approximately 61 miles from city center to city center.


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