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i love food... really any food
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Answered: Is this a rip off site

I wouldn't trust it... nothing is really free, ever.

Answered: Deals on 15 passenger rentals in virginia

I would just start calling the different rental companies to see what the best price is that you can get. Ask if there are any deals at this time.

Answered: Same sex marriages

Who do you care if people of the same sex want to get married? I just don't understand people like you.

Answered: What's your favorite movies and where do you ...

I love V for Vandetta... and I love moves both in the theater and at home.

Answered: I am a 15 year old girl and have just moved to ...

I think that it might help to tell both your parents that you're having a really hard time with the divorce and that you think that talking to a psychologist could help. You don't have to figure out ...

Answered: What should a man do when his wife has PMS?

He should give her space, be extra understanding, extra patient, and extra sweet... to prevent any fights. It's not easy to be the girl either. Try to get along, it'll pass.

Answered: Too soon to tell?

It's possible that it's too soon to tell, but I would still go see your woman's doctor to make sure that things are OK.

Asked: Israeli Universities... differences?

In the Education field for an MA, what are the differences between University of Haifa and The Hebrew University? Is one a lot better than the other? Does anyone know about this? I am interested in ...

Answered: How do I become a Michigan resident, for ...

You have to live in Michigan for at least 2 years, and I believe work there as well. This you would need to do before starting to study.

Answered: Should Kristen Stewart change the way she ...

I assume that she is going to look the way she did in the Twilight movie, just a little bit more mature. I don't know what she looks like outside of the movies, to be perfectly honest... but I love ...



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