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i love food... really any food
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Answered: Well folks, do you want to see White ...

Yes, I agree with you. People are crazy.

Answered: Change antiquated laws, stop unrealistic ...

Yes, I agree with you that these laws should change. People shouldn't have to give up sex and family in order to be in the Catholic clergy... it isn't fair and makes no sense.

Answered: Should I send the email?

I agree... I think it's a very good idea to do exactly what you're doing. To read and understand, and to not get upset with him. I would write him a letter telling him that you are not upset, that ...

Answered: Please learn the difference between

So it is a question of active and passive....

Answered: Lemmings

Who are the cowards?

Answered: How does your school enagage your students in ...

We always had holiday ceremonies where people were asked to sing... it was always look at as an honor to participate in these ceremonies, so singing became a big part of the school education.

Answered: Why can't I follow links in email?

you have to press "allow links for this mail"... or for all your mail.

Answered: What should a man do when his wife has PMS?

Haha... I didn't really mean physical space, but that could help for a couple days. I just mean that you should understand that it's a difficult few days for her, so to be very patient and ...



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