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Leftists can't tell right from wrong.
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Answered: Where will I go for decent price?

Where do you get Viagra at a decent price? If you are a real man, then you will figure out a way to make your beautiful woman purr without it. It all comes from being romantic and affectionate. if ...

Answered: Are there people that are meant to be single?

If you are so nasty that other people can't figure out a way to get along with you, then you might be a leftist. If you are so obnoxious that your image in a mirror fogs over cause the mirror can't ...

Answered: Being single

God gave us other people and we should get with 'em at least once a week if only in meetings. There is no good reason to be lonely. If you got friends, then they know some body that is like you and ...

Answered: How much taxes will you pay on s.s. in the amount ...

How much federal Income Tax will you pay on $13,000 from SSI-SSA? Depends on a lot of things -- how much you made three years going before you applied, your other Government benefits, how much you ...

Answered: I was eating in Burger King tonite and the ...

Leftists all got some weird hang ups. First they hate decent folks cause we respect marriage and value our community. Next they hate any body that don't look like them -- remember Hitler and how he ...

Answered: How can I meet a good bi-man?

There are two sorts of bi-man. One is a guy certified on at least five welding processes and can weld dissimilar metals. Leftists can't qualify for welding certification. They only get AIDS from ...

Commented: About Anonymous's answer (This answer is not available)

Tadpole, you are gonna have lots of hassle getting inner tubes to smoke if every body switches to tubeless tires. Better stock up on inner tubes!

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Don't that make hell a little worse than it is, having Tadpole down there smoking inner tubes all the time? Sooner or later she is gonna run out of inner tubes!

Answered: Join Inner Tubes Anonymous! The only moron on ...

Tadpole is smoking inner tubes again and now she wants me to join Hamas. Who would be stupid enough to let a leftist inner tube smoker get a word in edge wise?

Answered: Hamas busted by Indian TV crew

Hamas ain't the brightest bunch that ever murdered little kids cause they were Jewish. Nazis and Communists did the same thing so there is no difference. Any way you look at it, Hamas is a hate cult ...



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Serenity says:
"Thank you for your compliment! Alas, I have no time on motorcycles, but I do appreciate the compliment."
Yadja says:
"Thank you for the heads up and the compliment. I like the Spirit you are showing on Yedda and surely glad to see you have joined the fracus and believe me you will be cussing bigtime in notime. If Libs and Dems had brains we would have a chance but since they are without we just have to keep going after those with abit of common sense. See you have met the tadpole and froggy and sure you will be hearing from the rest of the lamebrains they are like a growth on my backside that I can not remove. Welcome aboard. LadyDarko"
Yadja says:
"Hey Harley boy did I need that compliment from a man like you. I got abit off the edge and I have to apologize to a lady on here who I chastised once for going overboard and getting down and dirty. Thank you also to you and yours. We are building one helluva house and I fully intend to get so many of you here for good times and fun on the water we have a boat also. I will learn how to send private messages and return them. Boy howdy youse guys mean so darn much to me and can hardly wait to meet you all we talkin next year about this time. Yeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Lady Darko"
Serenity says:
"I find that your answers are elegant if very direct. Perhaps you could work on tact, but for the most part I find that the wisdom of bikers is a very refreshing change."
Southern 7162 says:
"Harley Spirit, as long as Christian bikers exist, we know that freedom in the spirit, and freedom in society, are compatible. I don't side with outlaws but you make it clear that you don't either."