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The news is out and Tadpole can't prove different. The Soviets put a biological weapon around to kill off gays called AIDS and now it is in the straight population. Okay, leftists, you developed the weapon so you pay for the care of people your weapon kills off!
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President Barack Obama has survived Benghazigate — thus far.


In the weeks and days leading up to the November 6 elections, President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and their advisors, no doubt, had containment of this Libyan fiasco foremost in their minds. Would toxic details of the deadly debacle leak out and spell doom for the struggling administration in the closing hours of the campaign?

A CBS News national telephone poll of likely voters conducted October 25-28 did not portend well for Team Obama. Locked in a dead heat with Mitt Romney, and with the economy in shambles and sliding toward a fiscal cliff, unemployment sky high, and a looming debt tsunami, the last thing the Obama White House could afford was a late-inning foreign policy disaster, especially when Obama propagandists were touting foreign policy and national security as their candidate’s great strength.

According to the CBS poll, only 38 percent of voters approved of President Obama’s handling of the September 11 attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans dead: U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, his assistant Sean Smith, and former Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. Over half of all voters (51 percent) and 57 percent of Independents disapproved of his handling of Benghazi.

Even though the conventional wisdom held that pocketbook issues would determine the outcome of the race, Benghazi could have spelled the end for Obama.


The numbers were looking very bad, and that was even with the overwhelmingly pro-Obama mainstream media bending over backward to cover for the White House and keep Libya off the media radar screens. As more and more troubling details about Benghazi began leaking out, the major corporate media smothered the facts and stuck to the White House talking points.




Isn't it nice to know that Democrats always depend on the votes of racketeers and tombstones?


It shall always be so.  The insane racist bitterness of the Democrats is ONLY the insane racist bitterness of Democrats -- and they boast how bitter they are as an insult.


It ends there, facts proved 100%.

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Renner, I got no use for leftists either. Talk about a bunch of sniveling busy bodies that pry into the business of every body else and don't take care of their own business.

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Here's the YT again. Looks to me like our resident Muslim wimp was tertrified to let you see the truth. They all get that way so that explains everything about Islam all the way thru. You'd ...

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That don't surprise me in the least. So far, all we ever saw out of GB was hate, stupidity, and Islam. There is nothing any body can respect about that.

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You got that right. Leftists are always gonna be pompous flakes, liars, and bigots. If they are all so stupid they ain't figured that out yet, it means they are never gonna figure anything out that ...

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Thanks, Tadpole. Without you to always prove I am right and you are wrong, I might not have the full confidence that I should continue being decent, moral, honest, and RIGHT. No wonder there ain ...

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Atheists and their simple minded racist superstitions. Is that why every body laughs at simple minded old atheist bigots? No, they get laughed at cause every thing they say is 100% stupid ...

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Tadpole rants racist hate in the name of Obatty. What good is that? Obatty is on the bench and he ain't getting off it. That is what you do with idiots.

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I ain't seen one way Obatso ever checked out except as a foul mouth racist. Maybe that is why only foul mouth racists side with Obatso.

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Lady E, I ain't seen one way Obatso checked out yet. Nothing he done worked, he come to office knowing nothing but he had loads of real high quality professionals to tell him what to do. So ...

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So far the only one on AOLA that likes Obatso is a leftist sellout that every body calls Tadpole. She is in bad panic and will stay panicked till she dies. She has it coming. That comes from being ...


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"Thank you for your compliment! Alas, I have no time on motorcycles, but I do appreciate the compliment."
LadyDarko E. says:
"Thank you for the heads up and the compliment. I like the Spirit you are showing on Yedda and surely glad to see you have joined the fracus and believe me you will be cussing bigtime in notime. If Libs and Dems had brains we would have a chance but since they are without we just have to keep going after those with abit of common sense. See you have met the tadpole and froggy and sure you will be hearing from the rest of the lamebrains they are like a growth on my backside that I can not remove. Welcome aboard. LadyDarko"
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"Hey Harley boy did I need that compliment from a man like you. I got abit off the edge and I have to apologize to a lady on here who I chastised once for going overboard and getting down and dirty. Thank you also to you and yours. We are building one helluva house and I fully intend to get so many of you here for good times and fun on the water we have a boat also. I will learn how to send private messages and return them. Boy howdy youse guys mean so darn much to me and can hardly wait to meet you all we talkin next year about this time. Yeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Lady Darko"
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"I find that your answers are elegant if very direct. Perhaps you could work on tact, but for the most part I find that the wisdom of bikers is a very refreshing change."
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"Harley Spirit, as long as Christian bikers exist, we know that freedom in the spirit, and freedom in society, are compatible. I don't side with outlaws but you make it clear that you don't either."