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Leftists can't tell right from wrong.

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Commented: About Anonymous's answer

No two ways about that one. Dems start wars, get our men killed, and then blame their war profiteer greed on Republicans. Well, Dems are all in the Klan or Panthers, so they really are all that ...

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Dems always were racist whores. No body respects one of these dead beats, and they know it. Maybe that is why only tomb stones vote Dem, and the Klan does all their thinking for 'em. Way back ...

Commented: About Freethinker's answer

You got that right, Hob and free. Hilary Clinton? What a brain dead loser. I guess only the bitterest sort of fool would side with her, looking at the low IQ she has, but face it, Dems really ...

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There is a 5th grade test here on AOLA. I saw it, and it is real simple. It would show if a 5th grader was listening in class, so that shows 5th graders got the smarts they will develop when they ...

Commented: About hobwabhob's answer

You couldn't get me to say any ball game is worth getting worked up over. Far as I'm concerned, if they ain't in good enough shape to be out there on the field, they got no right to gripe if their ...

Commented: About Robert's answer

I saw decent folks do some real bad things cause they were smoking pot. It don't make one bit of difference if it is legal or not, using that crud always brings out the worst in any body that is near ...

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I saw good kids go to lives of violent crime cause of marijuana. if it is legal or not, it always does the same thing. Now it is easier to get and kids that abuse it don't get busted before they do ...

Commented: About Bonestructure's answer

Weed is only for bozos that can't handle reality. They are so arrogant they can't admit they done wrong and they are so bitter they force little kids to get hooked hard on that and a thousand other ...

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Yeah, Obatso is still with that Weathermen Underground cult. That is one of the good reasons we side lined that drunken fool. Leftists will do ANY THING that is just plain stupid.

Commented: About Sterling Wyeth's answer

You got that right, Sterling. Look at a leftist and you see a greedy little money bags poor mouthing and denying decent folks food to eat. They always were that way. I mean, Hitler starved the ...


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Serenity says:
"Thank you for your compliment! Alas, I have no time on motorcycles, but I do appreciate the compliment."
Yadja says:
"Thank you for the heads up and the compliment. I like the Spirit you are showing on Yedda and surely glad to see you have joined the fracus and believe me you will be cussing bigtime in notime. If Libs and Dems had brains we would have a chance but since they are without we just have to keep going after those with abit of common sense. See you have met the tadpole and froggy and sure you will be hearing from the rest of the lamebrains they are like a growth on my backside that I can not remove. Welcome aboard. LadyDarko"
Yadja says:
"Hey Harley boy did I need that compliment from a man like you. I got abit off the edge and I have to apologize to a lady on here who I chastised once for going overboard and getting down and dirty. Thank you also to you and yours. We are building one helluva house and I fully intend to get so many of you here for good times and fun on the water we have a boat also. I will learn how to send private messages and return them. Boy howdy youse guys mean so darn much to me and can hardly wait to meet you all we talkin next year about this time. Yeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Lady Darko"
Serenity says:
"I find that your answers are elegant if very direct. Perhaps you could work on tact, but for the most part I find that the wisdom of bikers is a very refreshing change."
Southern 7162 says:
"Harley Spirit, as long as Christian bikers exist, we know that freedom in the spirit, and freedom in society, are compatible. I don't side with outlaws but you make it clear that you don't either."