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Man who lives in glass house dresses in basement
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David Lee Roth: You stick your head above the crowd and attract attention and sometimes somebody will throw a rock at you. That's the territory. You buy the land, you get the Indians.

Henry A. Kissinger: No one will ever win the battle of the sexes; there's too much fraternizing with the enemy. 

I wish to contradict any established rule or parameter by forcing any individual to look at what one sees in our culture with a twist of question. Any barriers must break. The attempt is to not only seem beyond the rules of conduct, but to mimic the parameters as well. It is not that I hate the order, I believe it is an accomplishment; I simply realize that individual human nature distorts all intended regulations. I use standards of commercial and popular culture, followed and then broken erratically. The status quo of the post modern are ignored in my work purposely. Laws of modern innovation are ridiculed by our contemporaries without apology; A result of an abundant and unnecessary information surplus has resulted in an anxiety of new ideas. Post-Modern's characteristic to reference is seen as cliche for me. Categorizing rank into a status hierarchy, Post Modern depends on society and culture to decide on what is relevant. My work declares itself as special and contradicts and ignores my own social status evolved by the academic and media elite. I violate all codes with the hope of future enlightenment of what is ethical. The only rules that I follow are the guidelines of publication. I believe that my work serves a purpose even in an environment that refutes the activity of opinion. The concept of a global hypertext library is insubordinate against every force that wishes to control the convention of thought. The intent is to be loud enough to float in the already overwhelming sea of information; Commercial enough to be recognized and enough of a disruptive element to accomplish the needed adjustment to the system. I involve incessant maneuvering of military strategy and a mirage of popular culture and corporate authenticity is enough of an attractor to influence attention. I recognize that I must as an individual declare myself as special for others to notice. This is where my graphics embrace the connotation of art as a label for my work. I do not consider others insipid, I believe the general population simply does not have the attention span to deal with reasoning as a result of environmental factors controlled by reprimanding institutions. It seems fashionable to portray minimal content. A history of insignificance, has inspired reference, or present the medium, being whatever it is, as a vehicle for content. Negative data is an instantaneous mirage that defeats all needed positive information. The only safe communication becomes one that either declares something negative, thus feeding into a cycle, or one that states an non-opinionated fact such as the medium itself, thus feeding into another paradox of the medium being the message.

I'm not angry @ you always silly fundamentalist (When I say fundamentalist, I mean also fundamentalist "Feminists". I don't like your censorship either. You are not above my analysis Gloria Steinem!) 

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