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The road to nowhere is paved with good intentions.
About Asha:

I have been around the block a time or two in my life. I hope to help others here on Yedda with my experiences, mistakes, ideas and sucesses.

I've come to realize that many doors in our lives that have been slammed shut and locked up tight can be reopened to a brand new way of seeing ourselves, a brand new way of seeing the World.

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Answered: All Is Fair In Love And War(?) Poll

Usually when my (friends) leave their choice of man there's a good reason for it, so I don't want them either!

Answered: What tv show are you most excited for?

I'm a huge fan of DEXTER on Show Time. The new season should begin again this Fall! Yeah!!!

Answered: Whats wrong with me, when I get excited (not ...

Hi keydian. This happens to me too! It has for years and I have to fight off the temptation! Now I usually win the fight. No offense, but it's actually funny to know someone else has this problem ...

Answered: Wouldn't you have laughed, too?

Hey, I just had a funny idea.. Since it's your turn next, you and your wife should invite your son over for dinner and serve a cooked carrot with a side of peaches. LOL!

Answered: Wouldn't you have laughed, too?

Yes, I probably would have been rolling! It's funny though that our own children don't always share or understand our sense of humor.. but he will get it some day.. just don't expect him to be ...

Answered: Depression Or Stress?

Hi blanca. First of all I would suggest that you talk to your Mom about your feelings, like you have done here. Hopefully she will understand and make things easier for you with your little sister ...

Answered: My husband and I have been married for about 4 ...

Hi MDuBois. Well, I find it necessary to first explain that (Married Life & Me) is like mixing a gallon of bleech and a half cup of liquid acid with the colors.. the load of ____ is left in shreds ...

Answered: My husband and I have been married for about 4 ...

Hi MDuBois. Well, I find it necessary to first explain that (Married Life & Me) is like mixing a gallon of bleech and a half cup of liquid acid with the colors.. the load of ____ is left in shreds ...

Asked: Sayings...

What does "Par for the course" mean? And am I spelling it right?


Equus says:
"Hi Asha , I am happy you are back with us Girlfriend ! We support you 100%. You Go Girl ! "
talico33 says:
"I love reading your answers Asha! Keep them up!! Yedda is lucky to have you!!"
dot says:
"To my new friend Asha, The one who gives the most helpful advice and the most heartwarming comments. You have completely blown me away with your caring warmth and sweet and kind ways. You bring tears to my eyes like no other Asha, as you are a true gift to yedda, and especially to me. There isn't anything I'd like better then to consider and call you my sister. Albeit, I am more then likely old enough to be your Mom-but that's OK. I always did want a daughter, one who is just as sweet as you. Welcome to the family And don't you ever twice. "
AnyaGarcia says:
"Hi Asha... I wanted to also take a minute to let you know that I really love your Yedda answers. You always have something logical and meaningful to say, and I really like that. I hope you have a great day. "
ddavel544 says:
"Asha...keep the door open to the ones you love...and you'll forever breath in the fresh air of life."
~Jada~ says:
"Hello Asha, Stoppin by to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"
IamQweenBee says:
"Merry christmas to you and your family and a prosperous new year"
DB Lady says:
"Asha, I have known you for almost 2 years now and you were one of the people who answered my first question. You were so helpful and caring and you still are. I'm honored to be one of your Yedda friends. Take care."
Skitch says:
"Hey Sweetie! You are my favorite Christian on Yedda. You never preach, but question, and you have one of the biggest most loving hearts of anyone I have ever known. I wish you only love and happiness for your future. You deserve nothing less!"
AShoofly says:
"Welcome to the yedda .com comic show. Where you air out your emotions, feelings, and beliefs. With a festering experience of the truth. "
dhorseygirls says:
"Asha, thank you so much for your prompt answer. I had just gotten back from the gyn with my daughter and was distraught! It was her first appointment there, and I didn't think it was appropriate for the dr. to ask me to leave for a few minutes. I told her that I didn't like that idea and that my daughter is only 15 and a minor. She said "it's the law". I want to look up what law she is talking about. I mentioned it again to the nurse, and she said the same thing. Something is not right. My daughter is a really good girl, shy, good grades etc. and should be up to parents to know whats going on with their sexual health and body! Thanks a million. I really didn't agree with the other person's answer. She sounds way too liberal for me!! Bye now!"
heavenboundcarol says:
"Thank you for your comment on my question dear friend...It was a good answer !!!"