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Asked: Council Tax

Do you feel you get value for money from your Council Tax?

Answered: What is BMI and is it important for weight loss?

That stands for Body Mass Index — a number that describes the relationship between your weight and your height. Your BMI indicates whether you are underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese, and ...

Answered: Carbs, calories and weight loss

It is actually important to watch both and aim for a balanced diet. Your calorie intake may be most important, but make sure the carbs you are consuming come from whole grain foods and limited simple ...

Answered: Calories for weight loss

Here is a link to a weight loss calculator: It allows you to enter your weight goal and weight loss method, and the time you want it to take and it ...

Asked: Children in tailgating parking lots

Is it appropriate to bring children with me to the tailgate parking lots?

Answered: How many Oscars did Leonardo Dicaprio win?

He was nominated three times, but didn't win. The first nomination was best supporting actor in What's Eating Gilbert Grape. The second was best actor in The Aviator, and the third was best actor in ...

Answered: Illegal employment

An illegal isn't allowed to work anywhere in the country. Since NYC is part of the US, and illegal can't work there legally.

Answered: Cd burning

I'm sorry but your question isn't clear to me... What kind of files would you like to burn? What is the problem with simply burning them with nero or any other burning application?

Answered: I have autographed dollar signed by Kobe ...

I think that 200$ would be a fair price. You could have get more, but since it's not an official artifact, it's hard to prove its originality.

Answered: I have a girl freind that is kinda strange to ...

You don't get to meet her, and you don't talk to her, and still write " I have a girl" ? What's the point in keep that relationship? Seems like she's not 100% into it.


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