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By the grace of God, I am extremely privileged with firsthand knowledge of the mystery of Jesus Christ who has revealed himself to me under deeply mysterious and powerfully life-transforming circumstances, which I distinctly identified over many years of Bible study as Christ's perfect and transfigurative death on the cross "according to the Scriptures" --the "key" to God's secret (Col. 2: 2-3; Rev. 5).

Oh, what a "life in all its fulness"! (John 10:10) PRAISE THE LORD.

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Asked: "Faithful Witness"

Specifically, what defines Jesus Christ as the model of “faithful witness” for our imitation and powerful confirmation by the Holy Spirit? (John 16: 5-33; Acts 14:3; Rev. 1)

Asked: Knowledge of Jesus Christ

How can one gain personal knowledge of Jesus Christ (according to the gospel)?

Asked: The ABC of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is personally knowable as “the first-born from the dead” or the Father and “God of the living” based on visions of his self-revelations therein by his works of baptism with the Holy ...


If you cannot answer the following question to your own full satisfaction, you will know why Christianity is nothing but a covert form of Atheism. Apart from the claims by Jesus about himself and by ...

Asked: CORE Values of the Gospel

What is the immediate reward (R) for obedience (O) to the commandments (C) specific to the cross of Christ? (Sources: Matt. 16: 22-28; 26:64; 27: 50-56; 28: 18-20)

Asked: Mind your language

MIND YOUR LANGUAGE! What the whole world is restlessly yearning for is not found in the PROLOGUE, a.k.a., the Incarnation; but rather in the EPILOGUE, a.k.a., the Glorification of the Son of Man, at ...

Asked: The line to see jesus

According to the special promise given to seekers (John 12: 20-33), where exactly is the line to see Jesus?

Asked: Inerrancy of the Bible

Is the inerrancy of the Bible defensible in view of serious distortions by Christianity of the Scripture-free terms, a.k.a., the "seal" of God’s life-giving Spirit under the “new covenant”? (Jer. 31 ...


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