Member Since March 8, 2010 , From Addis Ababa Addis Ababa, Ethiopia representing Christ's exercise of dual absolute rights of simultaneously giving his life up, and taking it back just as he had earlier said. (John 10: 17-18; 19: 30-37)
About Woldeyesus:

By the grace of God, I am extremely privileged with firsthand knowledge of the mystery of Jesus Christ who has revealed himself to me under deeply mysterious and powerfully life-transforming circumstances, which I distinctly identified over many years of Bible study as Christ's perfect and transfigurative death on the cross "according to the Scriptures" --the "key" to God's secret (Col. 2: 2-3; Rev. 5).

Oh, what a "life in all its fulness"! (John 10:10) PRAISE THE LORD.

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Commented: About Ol' Yeddar's answer

The question is not about whether or not I have been "selling perfume in my spare time" (whatever it means). Can you please be more explicit? Thank you!

Asked: "Speaking in Tongues"

"Speaking in tongues" refers directly to "the great things that God has done" (expressed in any language) in revealing Jesus Christ's divine identity and absolute authority defined once and for all in ...

Commented: About Ol' Yeddar's answer

It is much more important to give your own verdict than to comment on the biological conditions of the other jurors. Please try!

Asked: The Jury is still out

Here is a concise and highly revealing extract from the Proceedings of Jesus in the Witness Box. (Matt. 26: 57-68) QUESTION: "In the name of the living God I now put you on oath: tell us if you are ...

Commented: About uzyrmnd's answer

1) It is absolutely sure that the women would not have found the body of the Lord Jesus had they gone to the tomb right after his burial. 2) Making allowance for the necessarily altruistic "figure ...

Asked: Moment of truth

According to the following clues, what moment of truth defines God or Jesus Christ once and for all? (John 1:18; 14: 6, 18-21; 18: 36-38; 19: 30-37)

Commented: About Ol' Yeddar's answer

Given that personal knowledge of Jesus Christ and of “the Kingdom of God” are used alternatively (John 3: 1-3), is seeing the former "as he really is", a.k.a., divine, possible without a radical ...

Asked: Knowledge of Jesus Christ

Can we personally know Jesus Christ, altruistically known as “the Kingdom of God”, without a radical change in our way of thinking specific to Christ’s death on the cross, i.e., "the tree of life ...

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I agree. In some countries, e.g., Sweden, sexual education is already taught in public schools since many years.

Commented: About Bob's answer

Bob, thank you for the confirmation by the use of the Scriptures! I could not agree with you more! Wish there were today more imitation of Paul in his personal knowledge of Jesus Christ as ...


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