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By the grace of God, I am extremely privileged with firsthand knowledge of the mystery of Jesus Christ who has revealed himself to me under deeply mysterious and powerfully life-transforming circumstances, which I distinctly identified over many years of Bible study as Christ's perfect and transfigurative death on the cross "according to the Scriptures" --the "key" to God's secret (Col. 2: 2-3; Rev. 5).

Oh, what a "life in all its fulness"! (John 10:10) PRAISE THE LORD.

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Faith is about us rather than about God. The STAKES are the highest possible, a.k.a., immortality, i.,e., eternal life now rather than a pie in the sky! The MEANS is personal vision, based on Christ ...

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There are few or no points of CONNECTION, whatsoever, between the two events. Are there? Many thanks anyway.

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Rest assured that there is no partiality, whatsoever, on the part of Jesus favoring us more than he favored Adam and Eve!

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The absolute truth, as defined in Christ's death on the cross, is overwhelmingly self-sufficient with room for reflection rather than for any action on man's part. (John 14: 6; 18-21; 19: 30-37)

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Jesus' death as payment for man's sins is hardly different from idolatrous sacrifice at worse or divine double standard at best. (Deut. 12: 29-32) Is it?

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True, I was once "a servant of Satan". Apparently, you still are even if disguised!

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"The kind of death Jesus suffered", viz.: Spirit-active, perfect and transfiguration proper, with multiplying effects by the diacritical marks of "the blood and the water" is a unique model of eternal ...

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By definition, a "litmus test" is objective and not influenced at all by any prior knowledge!


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