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If God is with us, who can be against us?
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I'm a Christian Lady, An American voter and a Proud Puertorican.


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Answered: Obama Staff Shake-Up

AShoofly, I hear you. Right now the Republicans are thinking, even more, about weather to vote or not ,on the health issue that Obama is trying to stuff up their ........ in order to rush it and try ...

Answered: Politics

Why so negative about Sarah???

Answered: Question Concerning God And Religion

Undertaker, To me is like in Haiti; History proved that they forgot about their Creator and chose another. God being Holy will judge all nations. He saw Haiti and their condition, and respecting ...

Answered: How many times did obama go to church

Richard C, My parents took me to church since i can remember and one thing is clear, Gods words stick to you, so when you are of age, you remember all the Bible stories and then you can make a choice ...

Answered: How much longer Can America Indure The Obama ...

....Pelosi's stimulus package, commerce debacle (?), Census grab,financial bailout, phony bi-partisonship, talking down economy, "reversing Mexico city?' closing gitmo, Tax cheats, ext ...

Answered: Obama's Bailout Failed

I suppose that now these companies that he bail-out will be paying a Big special interest. Everything has consequences.

Answered: What is the Rapture of the Church? Do you know ...

Steve, The bible calls it: Come up here, caught-up. Jesus said: I go to prepare a place for you, for where IAM you shall also be. When the word's caught-up is translated into Greek, it means Rapture ...

Answered: I had ask the question "How Many Times Does ...

Dave, I know that sometimes is hard to forgive and the harder the damage, the harder it is to forgive. But, we should always forgive. If we ask God to forgive us, than we need to do the same ...


Quel says:
"I thank the Lord for u and ur request"
richard says:
"very few can understand Gods mystery's when He has revealed them, but You do have understanding; and if they could understand Jeremiah 32:27.they would leave Obama behind !"
Corrine says:
"I forgot to tell you that I have always loved your posts. They seem so peaceful and true even when speaking politics which is very hard so yeah :) I hope I will read more of your posts in the future. You seem like a very beautiful lady...God Bless and Take Care :) Sincerest Wishes, Corrine"
Corrine says:
"Thanks and once more I apologize for losing it like that. I just need to vent sometimes well thanks for question. And have a Great Valentine's Day :)"
Nanadee says:
"hello MCD i just was reading your answers and comments and must say i enjoy the freshness for a change...i am a christian woman and live near you.....hope to talk with you some more and share thoughts.... God bless nanadee "
Kibbutz says:
"I thank you for your support of Israel. If you ever have any questions about the country let me know since I was a tour guide for many years."
MrWebster says:
"M.D.C: Hello, you beautiful WOMAN. I'm not following you, I just happened to notice you again. Among other things, you have a beautiful heart and a beautiful soul. My heart feels your heart and responds to it. May our Good Lord bless you and your whole family abundantly and always. Amen. El Senor te bendiga. Amen. ~ MW"
AShoofly says:
"M.D.C., Welcome to yedda. It's good to have freedom fights around. May God Bless You."
richard says:
"M.D.C. I detect a very special soul with-in you, a soul connected to the lord, and they may speak against us but God has put up a standard before us, and they shall go out like a flood into the pit, thank you for your complaiment M.D.C."
Laurelle says:
"Type your compliment does prayer accord with constructive dialogue and systemic defence regation for causally eresolving the nuclear issue? should state heads stand together head bowed in prayer only? and what if one of the state heads is a muslim, one a jew and one a christian? after their prayer what next?"